Top 7 Most Wishlisted Unique Airbnb in Malaysia For Your Next Getaway

Top 7 Most Wanted Airbnb In Malaysia

Caught the travel bug and trying to figure out your next holiday? If you’re looking to level up your travelling game for an unexpected, off-the-beaten-path experience, you can try the newly-redesigned Categories feature on Airbnb.

With 56 new categories organising homes by style, location, or proximity to a travel activity, it’s easier than ever to search through and explore millions of unique homes you never knew existed.

From modern-day Farms in the countryside to charming Tiny Homes with breathtaking views, there’s a home away from home for everyone whether you’re seeking a unique workspace for the week or escaping the city for a weekend getaway.

Discover the most incredible spaces on the platform with these seven top most wish-listed unique Airbnb stays in Malaysia, that are sure to inspire your next vacation!

Wacky Weekend Airbnb Getaway

Ever wanted to live the camper van dream without having to actually drive? This converted bus is the perfect opportunity for that.

Parked right by Universiti Malaya’s campus, this four-wheeled dream earns a well-deserved spot in Airbnb’s OMG! Category, which features the most amazing and jaw-dropping homes on the platform.

Tiny Home, Big Holiday 

Embrace your childhood dreams of going on an adventure with Tiny Homes, whether it’s staying in an award-winning treehouse overlooking a gorgeous valley or staying in an aesthetic glasshouse in a lush forest.

Tucked away from the city and complete with cosy minimalist interiors, it’s no question why these offbeat miniature homes top the wishlists of Malaysians and overseas travellers.

Camping in Style

With the unending hustle of city life, the Camp Category invites you to take a step back into the serenity of nature with its array of forest cabins and tents. A global Airbnb favourite is this Seredah forest fantasy, perfect for adventurers seeking a reprieve.

Farm Havens On Airbnb

Charming, secluded and off-the-grid, Malaysians looking to experience life on a farm can book these listings right away under the Farm Category!

Outfitted with modern comforts, these Airbnbs are some of the travellers’ top retreat choices when in need of a little R&R.