MapleStorySEA Heats Up This Summer with Exciting Events and Fast Progress

MapleStorySEA Heats Up This Summer with Exciting Events and Fast Progress

Calling all Maplers! Get ready for a summer of epic adventures, powerful upgrades, and a brand-new system to boost your characters like never before! Here’s a glimpse of the exciting updates coming to MapleStorySEA this May:

1. Beloved Class Revamp:

The long-awaited return of a popular class is here, completely remastered and ready to dominate the battlefield! Expect enhanced gameplay, exclusive regional content, and a celebratory in-game event!

2. Summer Festival with a Fan Favorite:

Prepare for a vibrant summer festival featuring your favourite character, Lucid! Packed with fun activities and delightful surprises, this event is guaranteed to keep you entertained all season long.

3. Leveling Up Like a Dream:

Tired of the grind? This summer, MapleStorySEA combines existing features with a brand-new system to propel you to unprecedented heights! Reach incredible levels with ease thanks to a revamped tutorial, special missions, and powerful growth support.

4. Unveiling New Skills for Enhanced Power:

Get ready for a significant power boost with the introduction of all-new 6th Job Skills! Each class will receive two new skills, including a second Mastery skill and a universal skill to enhance overall growth.

5. Revolutionise Character Growth:

The revolutionary Union Artifact System arrives, allowing you to leverage the power of all your characters for an overall combat advantage! Complete daily and weekly missions to unlock incredible rewards and accelerate your progress.

6. Celebrate 19 Years of MapleStorySEA:

Join the MapleStorySEA community in Malaysia for a dedicated 19th-anniversary offline event! Happening at IOI CITY MALL, Putrajaya from June 21st to 23rd. This open-to-public event will be filled with exciting activities for everyone, including:

  • Maple Mastermind Trials: Test your knowledge and strategic thinking in MapleStorySEA trivia and puzzle challenges
  • Art booths showcasing amazing MapleStorySEA themed art
  • MapleStorySEA-themed photo booth: Step into a one-of-a-kind photo booth and capture epic MapleStorySEA memories
  • Non-stop Action on the MapleStorySEA Stage: Get ready for a jam-packed schedule of exciting stage activities
  • Exclusive physical merchandise and in-game items

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