10,000 tickets gone in 48 hours. Heineken® Refresh is THE cross-genre music event you don’t want to miss

Heineken® Refresh is THE music event of the year, bringing the best DJs out there to Malaysians— it’s really no surprise 10,000 tickets from phase 1 of ticket release has been fully redeemed! 

Heineken® Refresh really isn’t your average music event, it’s all about an experience that breaks you out of your music bubble. Top DJs, an immersive cross-genre experience, all free.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s why you need to grab your exclusive pass:

Global EDM Superstar Alok Makes His Malaysian Debut!

Are you ready to lose yourself in the electrifying energy of Alok? This global phenomenon, known for his smash hit “Hear Me Now,” is finally gracing Malaysian shores for the very first time at Heineken® Refresh. 

Alok, the global EDM phenomenon, leads the charge alongside local favourites Glenn Yong, Victoria, Mr Yang, Ashley, and MJ for a night of unforgettable dance floor anthems and unparalleled energy.

A Feast for the Senses: Prepare to be Refreshed

Remember that mind-blowing 3D billboard reveal? That’s just a glimpse of the immersive audio-visual experience waiting for you at Heineken® Refresh. Prepare to be swept away by a dazzling display of lights, visuals, and top-notch production that will redefine your concept of a music festival.

A Genre-Hopping Adventure Awaits

Heineken® Refresh isn’t just about Alok as the event also boasts a lineup featuring the renowned WUKONG, crowd-favorite Blink who will be performing with an orchestra making it a cross-genre experience like no other, and a selection of local DJ legends. 

But here’s the twist: you, the fans, get to control the vibe! Heineken® Refresh will feature interactive elements where you can vote for your preferred genres, making the music experience truly yours.

Take your chance to participate in this groundbreaking music event! Stay tuned to Heineken®’s Instagram for the Phase 2 ticket release and get ready to experience music in a whole new way. 

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  • Heineken® and all these happenings are strictly for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.