Top 5 Unique Glamping Spots In Malaysia For The Perfect Staycation

Top 5 Unique Glamping Spots In Malaysia For Staycations

If you’re an outdoor lover, hotels can sometimes be boring as nothing beats mother nature. Especially here in Malaysia where there are many great spots for camping and glamping.

For those who don’t know, glamping is perfect for those who want to stay near or close to nature and prefer accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Here are five of the most unique glamping spots in Malaysia that offer everything you need.

1) Sea Horizon Resort, Johor

One of the more unique glamping spots in Malaysia, Sea Horizon Resort is Malaysia’s first cliffside glamping by the sea.

In order to create and design the architecture of Sea Horizon Resort, the people behind it drew heavily on the locals’ culture, architecture, and way of life for inspiration.

Tucked away in the serene fishing village of Sedili Besar in Johor, expect to participate in a variety of water sports, such as kayaking, rope course on water, beach paragliding, stargazing and more.

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2) Stellar GoldenHill Cameron

Stellar GoldenHill Cameron is unique on its own as it’s also the first-ever caravan camping experience in Cameron Highlands.

The caravans may appear little from the outside, but inside they are roomy enough to have all the amenities of a house as it offers luxuries including a TV and outdoor camping tables and chairs in addition to a cosy kitchen with a fridge, dining table, and kettles.

Aside from the caravans, guests can choose to stay in one of Stellar GoldenHill’s three tents where every tent has a foam mattress, a travel fan, a camping chair, and a table.

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3) Sunway Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

Claiming themselves as a glamping experience where you get top sleep at a ‘5-Billion star hotel’ in Ipoh, guests will be able to see the stars in the clear night sky at Sunway Lost World of Tambun Sleep without the fuss of pitching a tent.

The best part is that it’s also just a walk away from the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, which includes the water park, amusement park, Tin Valley, hot springs, and spa.

Guests get to enjoy not only a stay in a fully equipped glamping spot but they’ll also enjoy a buffet breakfast at Garden Terrace for 2, entrance to both the Theme Park Entrance Sunway Lost World of Tambun for 2 Adults and also entrance to the Night Park for 2 Adults.

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4) Umea Glam Kundasang, Sabah

One of the best glamping spots with a beautiful view, Umea Glam Kundasang is a picturesque glamping location surrounded by mountains, plants, and valleys.

The four dome-shaped quarters are furnished with comfortable and homey items like tapestry rugs, wooden floorboards, plush chairs, and straightforward beds.

The cool weather in Kundasang also makes it perfect for a late-night barbeque under the stars as Umea Glam Kundasang provides a BBQ pit for RM30 (currently free) and also extra mattresses for RM20 each (currently free for 2 pax).

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5) Castra by Colony, Kuala Lumpur

If you want a glamping experience but you’re not willing to drive further out of the city, Castra by Colony in Kuala Lumpur is the perfect spot.

The glamping spot has 28 sq m boho canopy tents, which are inspired by Mediterranean aesthetics, providing all the comforts of a five-star hotel as well as custom amenities that create a luxurious camping atmosphere.

Castra by Colony offers 2 luxurious tents with a Mediterranean theme situated in a large 4,500-square-foot private garden lounge with a barbeque deck from RM2,000 per night which can host up to 10 guests.

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