Experience All Of Taylor Swift’s Eras At The Eras Tour Trail In Marina Bay Sands

Experience All Of Taylor Swift's Eras At The Eras Tour Trail In Marina Bay Sands

Calling all Swifties! To celebrate the arrival of the Eras Tour in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands has unveiled a special treat for fans: the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Trail. This free, walkthrough experience lets you immerse yourself in the worlds of Taylor’s iconic albums, from her country beginnings to her latest synth-pop explorations.

Open from February 28th to March 13th, the trail features seven unique installations, each one a visual representation of a specific album. Get ready to capture some amazing photos for your social media!


Step into a whimsical fairytale land filled with lavender arches and giant butterfly sculptures. A majestic Cinderella carriage awaits you at the centre, a perfect spot to imagine your own happily ever after.

Speak Now & Cardigan

Wander through a field of lavender and discover a gleaming rhinestone guitar, a symbol of Taylor’s songwriting prowess.

Right next to it, find the overgrown piano from the Cardigan music video, a key element of the Evermore segment on the actual tour.


Head up a level and get ready for a heart-pumping experience! The Red installation is a mirrored maze with glowing red LED lights. It’s a truly immersive experience but be prepared for a potential wait as only a limited number of visitors can enter at a time.


Emerging from the maze, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the iconic golden throne from the Look What You Made Me Do music video. Sit, channel your inner queen, and capture your fierce moment.


Get ready to rewind time! This section features a towering display of retro-looking televisions showcasing every version of 1989 (Taylor’s Version). Don’t forget to walk around for different perspectives and a truly ’80s vibe.


The dreamy world of Lover comes alive with a giant, curved display bathed in the album’s signature orange-pink hues. A dazzling animation of the glittery title adds the perfect touch for a photo-worthy moment.


The final stop is a mystical white gazebo adorned with fluffy clouds, representing the reflective mood of Taylor’s latest album, Midnights.

So, Swifties, are you ready to relive your favourite eras? Head down to the Marina Bay Sands and explore the Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Trail!