IPC Unveils Upgraded Recycling and Buy-Back Centre That Will Give Rewards Such As Shopping Vouchers

Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC)

IPC Shopping Centre has unveiled its revamped and upgraded Recycling and Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) with new enhancements and features, elevating consumers’ recycling journey to a seamless and digitalized experience.

Located in the same zone at P1 Carpark, the new IPC RBBC features a vibrant Scandinavian aesthetic that showcases its many different waste categories based on colours of the rainbow with a sleek & clean digital new look. It is also strategically located for easy accessibility for shoppers to drop off their recyclables when they visit IPC Shopping Centre

Since its inception in 2009, the centre started with six recyclable categories – cardboard, newspaper, paper, plastics, metal, and aluminium. The upgraded digitalised version today now accepts a wider variety of recyclables such as drink cartons, polystyrene, and textiles.

Moreover, the new RBBC can also accept non-recyclable waste categories such as light tubes and bulbs, medicine, glass, battery, electronic waste and food waste in an effort to reduce waste disposal from piling into landfills. Hazardous waste such as glass, batteries and electronics are handled professionally and disposed of safely to prevent environmental pollution caused by toxins and to ensure the recyclable parts are properly repurposed for future reuse. 

Digitalised Experience On Recycling

This new digitalised experience is also able to increase the accuracy of data collection on recycled items which in return improves operational efficiency and grows loyalty to plan and execute tactical rewards and marketing programs.

Patrons who recycle with the RBBC will be rewarded with points that are linked to IPC Tack Club membership via the mobile app. Points are awarded based on the categories and weight which can be redeemed for shopping e-vouchers, free parking, and much more. 

The new IPC RBBC also features a user-friendly interactive touch screen that even children can reach and use to deposit their recyclable waste. This also serves as a great platform and hub to educate, nurture, and instil green habits in children from a young age while making recycling fun with their families. 

The newly upgraded IPC RBBC also focus on using sustainable materials such as AAC green building material for the lightweight block walls, colourful laminations and paints that have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), water-based indoor paints and LED advanced lighting for energy saving.

On the back end, IPC re-uses tarpaulin visuals from the tenants’ hoardings which are then sewed and repurposed as reusable bags by working with Woman of Will, a local NGO. 


IPC also works with various recycling partners to process and repurpose the collected waste from the RBBC such as Kualiti Alam Hijau to properly dispose of hazardous waste such as lightbulbs and tubes, batteries, and medicine. There are various recycling partners for the various types of waste such as paper, metal and aluminium, glass and polystyrene, textile and plastic. 

IPC Shopping Centre has many other green strategies to ensure and promote healthier, greener and sustainable living. Some of the many initiatives include using renewable energy technology with the installation of 2,370 solar panels on the rooftop and rainwater harvesting that is filtered and used to flush toilets and for landscaping purposes.

The shopping centre also has waste segregation that has successfully reduced 50% of general waste, this is also done in partnership with all food and beverage tenants in the shopping centre for food waste and recyclables. IPC also works together with IKEA and Kloth Cares for textile recycling. 

This year, the shopping centre has organized its pilot programme called the ‘Green Tenant’ award where tenants’ recyclables and landfill waste are calculated and tracked. This programme runs from January till December 2022 with objectives to drive tenants’ waste recycling practices and reduce landfill waste, as part of their green ambition of achieving zero landfill waste.  

IPC 2022 Green Campaign – Smarter, Greener, Together 

In conjunction with the launch of the newly upgraded RBBC, IPC Shopping Centre is running a recycling green campaign where they are offering double the rewards for paper, plastic, and aluminium waste in their annual Green Campaign – “Smarter, Greener, Together”.

From 1 July to 4 September 2022, in collaboration with Nestlé and Tumboh, shoppers who drop off the following weight of recyclables will be entitled to receive the following rewards from the i-Counter located on the Ground Floor: