Experience Traditional French Cuisine &  An Unparalleled Dining Experience At Le Midi

Experience Traditional French Cuisine & An Unparalleled Dining Experience At Le Midi

Soaring on the 32nd floor of the Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Le Midi offers an unparalleled dining experience that transcends the plate.

Witness the dazzling transformation of the Kuala Lumpur skyline from vibrant daytime hues to a mesmerising tapestry of twinkling city lights as you embark on a culinary adventure.

A Symphony of Classic French Delights

Le Midi’s menu is a delightful dance between classic French techniques and modern innovation. Here’s a taste of what awaits:

Trio Tartine: A symphony of textures and flavours explodes on a single plate. Delicate smoked salmon mingles with the rich decadence of foie gras, while the ethereal Black Truffle Chantilly adds an intoxicating touch.

Clam Chowder A la Royale: Indulge in the comforting warmth of this dish. Fresh Pacific clams meet a luxurious egg royale, all enveloped in a comforting embrace of puff pastry.

Foie Gras Torchon: Elevate the humble duck liver mousse to new heights. This dish is served with sweet figs and caramelised brioche, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for any discerning palate.

Salad Bouquet: Seeking a lighter option? Look no further. A vibrant mix of mesclun greens is adorned with the salty kiss of bottarga, all tied together by a Caesar dressing.

Tarte Flammkuchen: Embrace the Alsatian tradition with this gourmet take on thin-crust pizza. Burgundy snails add a delightful play on textures, a testament to French culinary ingenuity.

Marseille Bouillabaisse: Yearning for a taste of the French coast? Dive into this hearty seafood stew. An aromatic fish broth brims with succulent seabass, Hokkaido scallops, and jumbo tiger prawns. Mussels add a touch of briny delight, while saffron potato fondant and rouille complete this masterpiece.

Sweet Endings to Savor

Conclude your culinary adventure on a perfectly sweet note.

Warm Banana Tart: This dessert offers a delightful textural contrast – warm, gooey bananas against the cool creaminess of the ice cream, all tied together by the sweet-salty magic of salted caramel.

Dame Blanche: Indulge in the classic decadence. Luscious Weiss 63% dark chocolate is paired with light and airy Chantilly cream and a pool of vanilla glace – a timeless dessert for the true chocolate connoisseur.

A Feast for All Senses

Le Midi is more than just exceptional food. Vibrant spaces allow you to tailor your dining experience.

Mingle at the bar with handcrafted cocktails, enjoy a lively atmosphere in the brasserie, bask in the open-air terrace under the stars, or host an intimate gathering in the private dining space.

  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 3:00 PM-12:00 AM
  • Location: Level 32 Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre
  • For more information, you can visit the website by clicking here.