Malaysians Can Now Travel To New Zealand, Here’s What You Need To Know

What Malaysians Need To Know Before Travelling To New Zealand

Just recently on Monday, 1st August, New Zealand announced its borders are fully open for the first time since March 2020, when they shut it in an effort to keep out Covid-19.

For New Zealanders, the borders began to reopen in February 2022, and restrictions have gradually loosened. Followed by May this year, the country started welcoming tourists from more than 50 countries on a visa-waiver list.

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Starting 1st August 2022, the New Zealand immigration officials have now resumed accepting visa-holding travellers and those with student visas.

It was an “enormous occasion,” according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who also noted that it was a “cautious process.”

There are no quarantine rules, although most visitors will still need to be fully vaccinated. The nation’s marine border has also been restored, allowing cruise liners and foreign recreational yachts to dock.

What You Need To Know Before Visiting New Zealand

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Malaysian visitors are required to provide proof of vaccination to enter, according to the government’s Covid information page, with both electronic and paper vaccination certificates acceptable.

Travellers will also need to do a rapid antigen test on their arrival date — although not necessary upon arrival at the airport — and a second one on the fifth or sixth day of their trip, according to New Zealand’s Ministry of Health.

Similar to Malaysia, masks aren’t required outdoors in New Zealand, but they’re required indoors, such as in museums, supermarkets and pharmacies.

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