Top 10 Best Mooncakes In KL To Buy For Mid Autumn Festival This Year

Top 10 Best Mooncakes In KL To Buy For Mid Autumn Festival This Year

With the Mid-Autumn festival fast approaching on the 10th of September, it’s time again to find out where the best places to buy mooncakes in Kuala Lumpur so you won’t need to panic about it at the last minute.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best mooncakes you can get around Kuala Lumpur, from premium ones to affordable ones, there’s one for everyone.

1) Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur is back again with Mooncakes from the award-winning Lai Po Heen from 1 July to 10 September 2022.

The Halal-certified traditional baked mooncakes also make the perfect gift, with a line-up that includes Assorted Mixed Nuts, Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Pandan Paste with Single Yolk and Red Bean Paste with Almond Flakes.

Completing this year’s offering is the line-up of Homemade Malaysian Chocolate Mooncakes including Malaysian Dark Chocolate Ganache, Malaysian Milk Chocolate Jasmine Sesame Ganache, and Pandan Gula Melaka Coconut Dacquoise.

 The mooncakes are available for purchase online or at the special pop-up store at the hotel lobby and is priced from RM38 per piece.

2) Oversea Restaurant

This year, Oversea launches its 2022 Mooncake Edition with the theme: Crazy Rich Flavours, taking inspiration from the 2018 film, Crazy Rich Asians.

The Lava Series will be this year’s highlight with flavours such as Matcha Lava Mooncake, Custard Lava Mooncake, and Durian Lava Mooncake that is sure to tempt your tastebuds.

Not to forget other options such as the Baked Series and Snowy Series, there is bound to be something for everyone with a large variety of choices.

This wide assortment of mooncakes will be available for purchase at Oversea Restaurants in Imbi, Sri Petaling, Ipoh, and Genting outlets or their website at from now till 10th September 2022.

3) Hilton Hotels

This year Lunar Reunion features an indulgent array of traditional baked varieties of classic and modern flavours.

Make it a gift to behold with the medley of traditional baked mooncake flavours, including the classic Pure Lotus, White Lotus, Pandan Lotus, Red Bean, and Mixed Nuts.

For those seeking a unique mid-autumn palate, a premium Mid-Autumn Moonrise selection featuring special snow skin flavours such as Musang King Durian, White Lotus Paste and Truffle Macadamia, Amaretto Lotus Paste with Blueberry Cheese Feuillantine are also available.

You can buy the Hilton Mooncake series at up to 10% off by visiting their Shopee link here.

4) Duria

Duria is one of the pioneers in Malaysia to manufacture durian products including durian mooncakes and is the leader in exports of Malaysian durian products.

They have plenty of options such as the Pandora box (The Flying Fox of Bamboo Hills comes with 6pcs x 60g different flavours of snow skin – Bamboo charcoal Musang King, Coffee Musang King, and Pandan Musang King).

Buy the Duria mooncakes from their official Shopee store by clicking here.

5) Oh Cha Matcha

The well-known matcha experts at Oh Cha Matcha are back again with their popular Snow Skin Mooncakes this year with an addition of a new flavour.

  1. Matcha Mung Bean (Matcha Snow Skin)
  2. Hojicha Mung Bean (Purple Sweet Potato Snow Skin)
  3. Genmaicha Mung Bean (Blue Spirulina Snow Skin)
  4. New flavour – Gyokuro Mung Bean (Beetroot Snow Skin)

The mooncakes are made to be vegan-friendly and handmade with natural, plant-based stevia. Additionally, there is no artificial colouring or syrup.

You can buy the mooncakes on their website here.

6) Baker’s Cottage

Since 1994, Baker’s Cottage has been offering mooncakes that are recognised for their premium quality and signature taste.

They fill the halal-certified mooncakes with the finest Hunan lotus seeds from China’s Hunan, top-grade egg yolks and the freshest ingredients. The mooncakes are baked in cholesterol-free cooking oil and have no added preservatives.

Buy Baker’s Cottage mooncakes from their official Shopee store by clicking here.

7) Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

This year, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with a parade of hand-crafted baked and ping pei (snow skin) mooncakes, as well as a selection of beautifully designed gift boxes.

Discover classic favourites and unique new mooncake flavours such as Red Bean Paste with 30-year-old Dried Tangerine Skin, White Lotus Seed Paste flavoured with Malaysian Hibiscus, Shangri-La’s Ping Pei Premium Musang King, Ping Pei Raspberry & Chili Padi and many more!

You can buy the Shangri-La mooncakes on Klook by clicking here.

8) Tai Thong Mooncake

Tai Thong’s first step into the world of mooncakes began in 1985 with the pivotal mission to produce the best mooncakes by Malaysian and for Malaysians.

Under the inspirational role of Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung in creating and developing the range, Tai Thong has achieved sales of over 100 million mooncakes worldwide and was also the pioneer of Snow Skin Mooncakes in 2003.

This year, Tai Thong will bring along an array of meaningful traditional mooncake gifts wrapped in printed boxes depicting the village life as we remember it.

Buy Tai Thong mooncakes from their official Shopee store by clicking here.

9) Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur

This year, Four Points by Sheraton launched their Themed Luxuriant Luminescence mooncakes, meant to pay homage to Chinese folklore and encased in elegant, intricately-designed jewellery boxes.

Some lucky folks who buy the mooncakes will even win some freebies including free staycations at Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur if they find a golden ticket.

You can buy the Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur mooncakes on their website by clicking here.

10) InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

The delicious mooncakes from InterContinental Kuala Lumpur are specially curated by the Tao Chinese Cuisine in-house master dim sum chef. Available in both baked and snow skin varieties, you’ll be spoilt for choice with their list of signature, classic, as well as inventive mooncake flavours.

You can even customise your own mooncake set and get it delivered in a beautiful gift box fashionably designed by +sukha, a homegrown label that provided opportunities to Malaysians who lost their income during the pandemic.

You can buy the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur mooncakes on Klook by clicking here.