Experience Traditional Recipes That You’ve Never Tried Before At Sunway Resort

Raya buffet at Sunway Resort Cafe

Jemput Makan returns to Sunway Resort this April 4 to 2 May 2022 promising an authentic culinary experience amidst a setting of gold and white. Inspired by the local expression Jemput Makan, this year they will unveil, “An Experience of Time-Honoured Traditional Recipes”.

Experience classic must-have dishes highlighted by a curated selection of authentic recipes handed down through generations from the ancestors of their culinary team. Available at The Resort Café and at function spaces for private, corporate or larger groups, Jemput Makan promises to be a culinary adventure of discovery.

Taking centre stage this year will be nine outdoor live-action stations flowing in to an extensive buffet spread indoors. Gather together with family and friends and explore the lavish buffet spread of timeless flavours and international recipes.

Helmed by Sous Chef Tournant Mohamad Yatim Supaat and Senior Sous Chef, Chef Halid Bin Hm Burus, some of our time-honoured traditional recipes include, ‘Hinava’ or Barramundi Ceviche, a classic dish from Sabah prepared using Chef Halid’s heirloom recipe of raw slices of Barramundi marinated in freshly squeezed lime juice, bird’s eye chilli, freshly sliced red onions, young ginger and bitter gourd.

‘Ikan Salai Terung Asam’ or Smoked Barramundi with Sour Aubergine, a hearty dish using a fruit granted Protected Geographic Indication status in 2011 tying its reputation and characteristics to Sarawak. ‘Linut & Ikan Ampap’ a Sago flour-based starch enhanced with fish prepared in tamarind, bird’s eye chilli, Sambal Belacan and ‘Pucuk Paku Pakis’ or Fiddlehead Fern and more.

Stepping outside the restaurant where a bustling bazaar-like concept of live action stations awaits, must-have classics include, succulent and eye-catching ‘Kambing Bakar’ or Whole Roasted Lamb marinated overnight with over 25 local spices and aromatics such as old ginger, garlic, lemongrass, galangal, masala, coriander, yoghurt, mint and cumin before being slow-roasted for four (4) hours.

A treat for meat lovers, our ‘Daging Salai Panggang’ or Roasted Smoked Meat – with a choice of Beef or Chicken, is marinated with local spices for 24 hours and thereafter grilled over charcoal fire to perfection.

More traditional favourites include, ‘Bubur Lambuk’ with Beef Short Ribs, ‘Lemang Goncang’ served with ‘Ketupat’ and paired with ‘Beef Rendang Tok’ and ‘Serunding’ to evoke a sense of nostalgia and so much more. Stop by our ‘Bakar’ station for a variety of fresh seafood chargrilled-to-perfection. Nothing speaks Malaysian snacks like ‘Goreng Pisang, ‘Ubi Goreng’, ‘Cempedak Goreng’, ‘Cekodok’ and other favourites, available at our ‘Goreng’ station.

Rotational highlights on the buffet spread include Fresh Seafood on Ice, a variety of classic rice dishes such as ‘Nasi Hujan Panas’, ‘Nasi Tomato’, ‘Nasi Minyak’ and ‘Nasi Bukhara’. Traditional Ulam-Ulaman will be available to be enjoyed with a range of Sambal like our homemade ‘Sambal Belacan’, ‘Sambal Budu’, ‘Sambal Tempoyak’, Sambal Udang Petai, ‘Sambal Hijau’ alongside ‘Kerabu Sotong Bunga Kantan’, ‘Kerabu Udang Cili Muda’, Acar Sayur’, Salad Telur Goreng and more all served with home-made dressing.

Desserts will be abundant and is a must-stop filled with a colourful assortment of traditional Kuih-Muih, Cookies, ‘Dodol’, ‘Ais Kacang’ and more.

This year, the main street of Persiaran Lagoon will be adorned with lights illuminating the pathway leading up to The Resort Café’s gazebo rooftop and gold lanterns that is symbolic of the season will be hung to welcome guests walking through the restaurant.

Past the grand entryway, decked with lanterns and cascading blooms in hues of white and gold, a gazebo centrepiece presents a wonderful opportunity to create precious moments with loved ones coming together to share a meal.

Jemput Makan at The Resort Café is priced at MYR198.00 nett per adult and MYR99.00 nett per child (aged 6 to 12 years) and will be available from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

For reservations, please call +603 7495 2009 / +603 7492 8000 or email [email protected] Advanced reservations are encouraged.