Starbucks Launches Exclusive Mooncake Sets With Christy Ng For Mid-Autumn Festival

Starbucks X Christy Ng Places Malaysia Feature

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and the unveiling of the first iteration of its collaboration with local designer, Christy Ng, Starbucks is launching its artfully designed exclusive mooncake sets.

The exclusive mooncake sets feature distinctly designed mini-tote bags by Christy Ng, which draws inspiration from the ancient folklore of the festival but with a modern-day twist.

Photo Credit: Starbucks

The design of the tote bag illustrates a tale of its own, in the form of the Crane fetching Chang’e, the prevailing protagonist of the Mid-Autumn festival, an Osmanthus flower from earth to quell her nostalgia of family and home as she sits far away on the moon.

Bridging the gap of longing and familiarity, like Chang’e, families can now extend their love and gratitude for their loved ones through these specially designed mooncake sets to each other even while apart.

Inside the tote bags are sweet surprises in the form of four new flavors of mooncakes from Starbucks Malaysia. Home to the famous ‘Caramel Macchiato’, fans of this beverage will be delighted to find the Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Mooncake in this year’s set.

Joining this well-renowned flavor are also the Matcha Adzuki Mooncake, the Lotus Salted Egg Mooncake, and the Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Mooncake. A combination of novel and classic flavors of mooncakes offers customers a variety that will be easily shared and enjoyed together with a diverse group of people.

Photo Credit: Starbucks

To further welcome the Mid-Autumn festivities, Starbucks is also introducing a collection of tumblers, water bottles, and mugs dedicated to the celebration. Stargazing is taken as the inspiration for the Stargazing Bunny Collection, to celebrate the season of a reunion featuring floppy bunnies searching the dreamy constellations under a starry night.

Photo Credit: Starbucks

The Starbucks® x Christy Ng Exclusive Mooncake Set in Burgundy Red is priced at RM138 each while the Starbucks® x Christy Ng Exclusive Mooncake Set in Midnight Blue is tagged at RM158. Customers can purchase the Starbucks® x Christy Ng Exclusive Mooncake Sets in stores nationwide, while stocks last.

Customers can also purchase the Stargazing Bunny Collection for as low as RM75. The Stargazing Bunny Collection is available at all Starbucks stores in Malaysia from 20th August onwards.

Feature Photo Credit: Starbucks