Here’s What You Can Do For Your Next Nature Getaway At Penang Hill

Here's What You Can Do For Your Next Nature Getaway At Penang Hill

If you’re ever in Penang, you must visit Penang Hill or also fondly known as Bukit Bendara by the locals.

It is located in Air Itam, 6 kilometres west of the city centre of George Town and consists of a number of hills, with the highest point at Western Hill which is 833 metres (2,733 ft) above sea level, making it a perfect spot for people looking to escape the heat of the city.

Furthermore, there are plenty of attractions other than the flora and fauna for visitors to experience.

Penang Hill Funicular Train

First and foremost, before even reaching the top of Penang Hill, you have to take a 5 – 10 minute ride on the Penang Hill Funicular Train.

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However, keep in mind that the queues can grow very long on weekends and during high travel demand, so it is advised to plan your visit early or leave enough time in your schedule just in case.

For those who prefer to avoid the line, Fast Lane tickets are also offered but at a higher price.

Bellevue Hotel

If you’d like to spend a night watching the breathtaking sunrise and sunset, you can stay at the one and only hotel on Penang Hill, Bellevue Hotel.

This bungalow-style hotel, which is only a short distance from Upper Station, offers a total of 12 rooms. From its terrace, visitors can take in expansive views of George Town’s skyline both during the day and at night.

Near its entrance, the hotel has an aviary with many tropical bird species. Additionally, there is a botanical garden containing a variety of locally rare and endangered plant species that have been gathered for research.

Hillside Retreat

Experience a step back in time by staying atop the oldest British-built hill station in Peninsular Malaysia, which was built in the 18th century.

Rest your head in a bungalow that is 100 years old while being surrounded by the breathtaking wonders of the 130 million-year-old rainforest.

The Habitat

The best, most thrilling, and most informative way to experience the Penang Hill rainforest is at The Habitat on Penang Hill.

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The Habitat on Penang Hill is a must-visit destination because of its undulating hills, virgin rainforest, rich vegetation, gigantic granite boulders, and distant views.

The first of its type in Malaysia, this top-notch ecotourism destination strives to promote environmental awareness and conservation awareness through tourism.

Get tickets to The Habitat Penang Hill at RM47 per adult by clicking here.

Nature Walks @ Penang Hill

Visitors can also take nature walks at the Hill’s peak as you’ll have the chance to take self-guided treks along three captivating side trails.

Visitors also have the option of participating in free guided tours led by volunteer tour guides who will be able to give them a better understanding of the Hill.

The service is originally offered on a regular basis (weekends and public/school holidays) and is free. For pre-scheduled time slots, tour groups can pre-book for a small fee (for further information, email [email protected]).