Check Out Malaysia’s First On-Demand VIP Driver Service That Lets Everyone Hire Their Own Driver

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As businesses are all reopening and people are going back to the office, so too will the severe traffic congestions on the roads return, along with all the stress that road users usually experience whilst being stuck in a jam. 

If you’re not one to waste your hours behind the wheel each day or if you’d simply prefer to relax instead of driving through traffic, why not get an experienced driver to get you around in your own car instead? 

All you need to do is pick up your phone and call the Lailah hotline numbers: 0136282929 or 0134962929 and the drivers will find their way to your location to pick up you and your car!

This on-demand approach also works to help curb the rise in drunk driving incidents as Lailah drivers will be able to drive home clients in their own cars. 

“Oftentimes when people go for a fun night out with their friends, they might find themselves in an unsuitable condition to drive home safely, and that is where Lailah comes in. No need to leave your car outside the bar or restaurant, while you call a cab and have to go retrieve your car the next day. Just get our drivers to drive you home in your own car safely,” said Peter Raja Xavier, Deputy CEO of Lailah. 

Indeed, simply getting a Lailah driver to drive you around in your own car is a much cheaper and safer alternative compared to driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Additionally, the Government has also enacted the Amended Road Transport Act that could see offenders being fined at least RM20,000 and slapped with a jail sentence. 

How To Book A Lailah Driver?

Lailah offers a manual booking approach at the moment. Customers simply need to call or Whatsapp the hotline numbers at 013-4962929 and 013-6282929.

Lailah caters our Personal Driver service towards all members of the general public, even expatriates and non-locals….

Posted by Lailah Malaysia on Sunday, April 18, 2021

From there, a Lailah operator will handle all enquiries and bookings. Upon booking confirmation, customers then pay the charges via bank transfer or cash. Insurance coverage is also provided as Lailah aims to provide as much peace of mind as possible for every customer.

Why Use Lailah Drivers?

With Lailah, the quality and safety of service are of the utmost importance. All Lailah drivers are screened through a strict vetting process so that only experienced drivers who have a proven record get selected to drive with Lailah. Once selected, the drivers will go through further extensive training to ensure that they do not fall short of Lailah standards. All drivers are able to drive high-end cars ie. BMW 7 series, Vellfires, Lamborghinis, etc

“Our drivers are all carefully screened so as to ensure they won’t have any prior criminal or drug record, and we only choose the best and most skilled for our jobs. Our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and beyond for every ride!” said Peter.

Furthermore, Lailah drivers will come in full uniform and ID tag for easy identification. They’ll follow comprehensive SOPs to ensure maximum security and efficiency of service as well as the highest hygienic standards.  

“For first-time users of our service who might still be a little wary, we want to give them peace of mind so we place a great deal of importance on how professional our drivers carry themselves and how the service is conducted. 95% of our first-time users become our regular customers as they find how safe, convenient and reliable our services are, especially our drivers being able to handle any sort of vehicle,” said Peter.

In addition to on-demand drivers, Lailah also provides an ‘uninterrupted’ supply of regular drivers on a monthly basis as well to corporate clients.

Lailah, established in 2015 and currently owned by My Driver Group Sdn Bhd, provides a variety of driver services from the aforementioned personal and corporate drivers to mobile valets for events to lorry & truck drivers for commercial purposes. Entirely self-funded since its inception, Lailah is currently looking for investors and corporate partners as it plans to grow its business and expand its market reach in the near future.

The name, Lailah, is a combination word made up of the words LAI-which in Mandarin means “come over”, and LAH- which is a very familiar Malaysian slang we all have a habit of using at the end of sentences.