IPC Shopping Centre Launches One Of A Kind Co-Working Concept With Its Träffas Work Pods

IPC Shopping Centre Launches One Of A Kind Co-Working Concept With Its Träffas Work Pods

As the world goes back to normal after the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are adjusting to the new normal and starting to head back to their offices. 

However, some people are still reluctant to work in crowded spaces like an office and prefer to work in a more flexible environment where they can move around.

Understanding that people still value private and hybrid spaces other than their homes, IPC Shopping Centre has launched its Träffas Work Pods, the first and one-of-a-kind co-working concept in Malaysia.

Träffas Work Pods For The New Normal

With the increasing shift to hybrid-working models being increasingly adopted, the Träffas Work Pods aim to appeal to young professionals by offering them an alternative to divide their time between home and the office.

Additionally, with the increase in demand for contactless services, all bookings and payments, and even the unlocking of pods are done digitally at the convenience of the user. 

Whether you are a young entrepreneur, a university student or a mother running errands with their child after school, the work pods have been designed with convenience and safety in mind as it is only able to be unlocked by those with unique passcode.

Staying true to its name ‘Träffas’ which means to meet or to get together in Swedish, IPC Shopping Centre has a total of five cosy work pods that visitors can use for individual work or group discussions and meetings.

The Träffas Work Pods, which are situated at the Level 1 Link Bridge, have a modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian look and incorporate carefully chosen indoor plants to exemplify the brand’s minimalism with a dash of nature.

The pods are also all colour-coded, furnished with IKEA furniture to provide users with a lively workspace, and given different Swedish names to honour their Scandinavian roots.

Furthermore, in line with IPC’s sustainability focus, the new co-working pods are built sustainably using recycled paper egg cartons to help with soundproofing and painted with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coatings to not only reduce air pollution but also reduce allergy-causing toxins.

Träffas Work Pods Pricing & Usage

Usage of the IPC Träffas Work Pods can be booked via the IPC mobile app or the website Soulmates.my from 10.00am – 9.00pm daily.

Users can choose various pods with different capacities to suit their needs:

  • Pod A: Blooma (Flower) – up to 6 pax 
  • Pod B: Vind (Wind) – up to 6 pax 
  • Pod C: Lov (Leaves) – up to 4 pax
  • Pod D: Solig (Sunny) – up to 2 pax 
  • Pod E: Vatten (Water) – up to 2 pax 

In conjunction with the launch this month, rental rates start from RM20 per hour for Pods A and Pods B, which can fit up to six pax and RM10 per hour for Pods C, D and E, which fits four to two pax respectively. Adding on to the hourly booking is a one-time RM10 cleaning fee to ensure cleanliness and sanitisation for the next user.

IPC will also be introducing more spaces under Soulmates in the near future such as Funland and Playland, a fun entertainment space that families can rent for children’s birthdays or other activities in the near future.

  • For more information or to book the Träffas Work Pods, you can click here.