Japan Reopens Its Borders In May For Limited Tourism But Malaysia Not Included

Japan reopens borders in may

The Japanese government has just announced on Tuesday that it is officially opening its borders to foreign travellers.

The Japan Tourism Agency said it is launching a trial project before the end of this month under which a limited number of tourists who have been fully vaccinated will be able to enter the country. 

However, the scheme will only be limited to small groups of visitors from four nations – the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore – and is planned as the first phase of a wider reopening to travellers. However, many countries such as Malaysia are left out of this initial phase.

Although tourism was formerly an important source of revenue for Japan, travellers have been barred from entering since the country implemented rigorous border restrictions in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began.

Photo Credit: Pexels – Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

The rules have been slightly relaxed to allow students and some business travellers to access. Individual tourists, on the other hand, are still forbidden, despite demands from business executives to revive tourism to take advantage of the yen’s 20-year lows.

Tourists who have been triple-vaccinated and come from the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore will be allowed to take part in the tours, which will be strictly planned in conjunction with travel agencies and accompanied at all times by tour conductors.

Additionally, under the new plan for the tourism industry, Japanese travel agencies will be tasked with providing and managing package tours for foreign visitors, adhering to predetermined itineraries and staying in approved hotels. Tourists will not, however, be permitted to use public transport.

So it will be only a matter of time until Japan fully opens to tourists around the world.

Feature Photo Credit: Pexels – Photo by DSD