Famous South Korean Convenience Store emart24 Opens First Store In Bangsar South

Despite the nationwide FMCO, popular and stylish South Korean convenience store chain emart24 has opened its first store in Malaysia and will be bringing South Korean street food, exclusive snacks, K-beauty products, and many more exclusive items.

With the first Reserve Store opening its doors in Bangsar South, emart24 wants to redefine the stereotypical white-walled convenience store by offering fresh Korean street food, aromatic coffee, exclusive Korean snacks from its I’m e and No Brand private labels, and an extensive K-beauty range, all housed in a lifestyle-first concept store.

According to emart24, although having opened during the pandemic, its reserve store has received positive support from store visitors in the neighbourhood and from orders via foodpanda.

Their strategic location in Bangsar South is perfect for office workers who are looking to grab a quick meal on the go as they have meal options such as Cupbaps, which are rice bowls that come with different protein options, such as bulgogi chicken or beef, grilled salmon, or tuna mayo.

Malaysians can also cool off from the hot weather with their snow bingsu, which comes with toppings such as Milo Dinosaur and Injeolmi, and their soft serve that comes with a waffle cone, or bungeoppang cone – which is a fish-shaped pastry popular among Koreans during winter.

Meanwhile, the first general store is set to begin operations in Hartamas shopping centre, carrying signature offerings such as Korean street food.

Since its founding in 2014, emart24 has grown to over 5,500 outlets. Riding on the Hallyu wave, its newest store in Malaysia will be the first of 300 targeted to be launched in the country over the next five years.