Costa Serena Sets Sail In Malaysia With Its First Cruise Starting March 2024

Buy Costa Serena Malaysia Cruise Tickets 2024 - From Port Klang

Costa Cruises and Hwajing Travel & Tours have revealed a historic collaboration, introducing Malaysia’s first international cruise homeport at Port Klang with the Costa Serena setting sail from March 2024 onwards.

The Costa Serena, renowned for its luxurious European cruising experience, will be the flagship vessel at this groundbreaking homeport.

Costa Serena, in service since 2007, embodies European luxury and Italian sophistication. The ship’s interiors mirror the grandeur of a Roman city, providing passengers with an unforgettable voyage.

Costa Cruises, with a 75-year history, entered the Asian market over 15 years ago and is known for its “Cruising Italian Style” approach. Hwajing, a key player in the ASEAN cruise tourism sector since 1989, joins forces with Costa Cruises in this new chapter.

Muslim-Friendly Cruise On Costa Serena

The collaboration with Costa Cruises and the choice of Port Klang as Costa Serena’s homeport highlight Malaysia’s emergence as a maritime hub, capable of accommodating a diverse international clientele. The collaboration aims to explore the untapped Muslim travel market, customizing services to meet the specific needs and preferences of Muslim travellers, and creating an inclusive and culturally sensitive experience.

The Halal Certification of the Costa Serena further establishes Malaysia as a culturally sensitive and comfortable cruise experience destination. This initiative not only caters to the needs of the over 40% Muslim population in Southeast Asia but also positions Malaysia as a global hub for inclusive travel experiences.

Costa Serena, stretching 290 meters in length and weighing approximately 115,000 tonnes, promises an opulent cruising experience for up to 3,780 guests. With an average of two trips per week, the annual passenger flow could reach 600,000, contributing to the overall economic prosperity of the nation.

A total of 557 balcony cabins provide ample accommodation, offering a range of options for guests to choose from. The cruise experience is enhanced by the availability of eight swimming pools and hot tubs, providing opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

Furthermore, the culinary offerings on board are diverse, with ten restaurants and snack bars catering to various tastes and preferences. Guests can also unwind and socialize in the ship’s eight bars and lounges, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable cruise experience.

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