Discover The Wonders Of The Wild At 99 Wonderland Park, A Thrilling Adventure for Animal Lovers

Discover The Wonders Of The Wild At 99 Wonderland Park, A Thrilling Adventure for Animal Lovers

99 Wonderland Park in Malaysia is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Located in the heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur, the recreational park features a variety of wildlife exhibits, attractions and activities for people of all ages.

99 Wonderland Parka is a 25-acre wildlife park with over 99 types of animals and 34 activities all under one roof, designed in an open-concept urban style.

With its exciting atmosphere and wide range of exhibits, 99 Wonderland Park is a must-see for every animal lover.

Sky Fountain with Koi Fish

As soon as you enter the park, a pond filled with Japanese Koi, a symbol of peace and wealth, will greet you. In addition, the Fountain’s continuously cascading water symbolises fortune and unceasing progress.

99 Dinosaur Park

Park visitors will be able to experience what it’s like to be in the Jurassic Park movies as there are two Tyrannosaurus that will be superbly situated and erected here. Children will surely find this area to be the primary attraction with plenty of great photos to be taken.

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99 Jetty & 99 Cruise

The large lake in the heart of 99 Wonderland Park, with all the attractions essentially lining up all around it, serves as the park’s focal point.

Get on a river boat while you’re here to take in the scenery in the peaceful, refreshing air. If you want to get some exercise, you can also choose to ride a paddle boat.

Magical Bridge

The 158-meter-long Magical Bridge, which is lined with lovelocks, is a must-see if you’re visiting 99 Wonderland Park with your significant other. When night falls, this charming area of the park is filled with lovely lights, creating a romantic ambience for couples.

The attraction of this is the Love Locks area, where lovers lock a padlock on a chain and then throw away the key, symbolically locking their love forever.

Play & Meet With Over 99 Animals

As the park practices an open zoo concept, visitors can experience wildlife as they roam freely around the park. Here are some animals you can see:

Animal Attractions @ 99 Wonderland Park

  • Wild Island
  • Buaya Tembaga
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Malayan Sun Bear
  • Monster Fish
  • Peacock House
  • Duck Lagoon
  • Deer Yard
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Bird Square

Price & Opening Hours

Opening hours:

  • Saturday, Sunday & Peak Season (Public/School Holiday): 9AM – 4PM (morning session)
  • Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 5PM – 11PM (evening session)
  • Friday, Saturday & Peak Season (Public/School Holiday): 5PM – 12AM (evening session)


Morning Session

  • Adult ticket: RM40
  • Child ticket: RM20

Evening Session

  • Adult ticket: RM45 (weekdays)
  • Child ticket: RM25 (weekdays)
  • Adult ticket: RM55 (weekends)
  • Child ticket: RM30 (weekends)

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